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Class Descriptions below.


Summer Classes are Drop-Ins Only.  Class Packs are available for purchase at the Front Desk.


Single Drop-In                                      $15.00

10 Class Pack                                       $110.00            

Unlimited Summer Class Pack           $199.00*

*Summer Packs expire August 24, 2018

Class Descriptions

Intro to Hip Hop (3-5yrs)

Does your little one love to move and groove?  Come take our Intro to Hip Hop to have your little dancer learn the basics of hip hop, how to move, how to listen, and how to  count and do some basic choreography.  This class is for our young ones to begin their dance experience. 

Beginner Hip Hop (6+ yrs)

Students will learn the basics of hip hop technique, performance skill and confidence.  This class will cover hip hop movement an the entry level, developing counting, musicality, and style. Increasing memory skills with repetition and improving balance through upper and lower body movement is the goal of this class.  

Intermediate Hip Hop

This class will learn relevant hip hop technique and choreography and begin to develop hip hop movement quality and style.  Dancers will be challenged to pick up new choreography weekly and perform it with confidence while working up a sweat and having fun. They will improve balance, increase memory and strength by staying grounded and strong through upper and lower body movement.

Industry Hip Hop (12+ Advanced) 

Industry Hip Hop aims to give our students insight into the reality of the professional dance world and its varying career choices. We are committed to being a source of information, encouragement and training for our students taught from current dance professionals that will catapult their skills to the next level as a more mature dancer and artist.

This class is based on intense pre-professional and professional level choreography in Street Styles. Students will expand their vocabulary and history of Hip Hop while improving their skills in quality of movement, control and street style fundamentals. Offering this class to advanced dancers ages 12+, dancers can expect a structure of warm-up, stretch, strengthening, drills and current choreography relevant to today’s hottest tours, videos and conventions in the industry.

Jazz Technique Beginner (6+)

Beginner jazz dancers will move through warm up, stretching and technique basics.  Balance, foot position, body position, and mechanics of jazz will be the focus. Jazz vocabulary will be introduced.  Students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic movement combinations.

Jazz Technique Turns and Leaps

This class is for the dancer who has a basic understanding of jazz technique and would like to increase their ability to execute turns and leaps with proper technique.  This class is not for beginners, dancers should have some experience and should have the basic understanding of Jazz fundamentals.  Dancers will do drills and strength exercises to increase flexibility and strength to support turns and leaps.  Dancers will explore new turn combinations and new leaps to add to their personal library of skills

Jazz Technique Intermediate

Intermediate jazz is based on the dancer who has at least 3+ years of experience in jazz with a basic understanding of jazz technique.  This class will work on correct body alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility.  Jazz dance vocabulary is expanded through across the floor combinations and choreography.  (recommended age and experience is at least 3+ years and ages 11 or higher or recommended teacher placement)

Intermediate Contemporary (12+)

Contemporary dance is illustrated by its use of traditional ballet technique, while incorporating various jazz styles and emotional musical connection.  This intermediate/advanced class will focus on perfecting the proper execution of Contemporary Lyrical while continuing to develop technique and style and enhance individual performance and expressive ability.   

Ballet Technique Beginner (6+)

This class is suitable for beginners and will cover the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. The importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm and musicality will be stressed. Basics of performing will be introduced and give students the discipline to mature as dancers.

Ballet Technique Intermediate

In this class students will continue to understand all skills taught in Beginning Ballet yet gain a more complete understanding of ballet technique. Emphasis will be placed on alignment, increasing strength, flexibility and executing moves properly. Students are expected to have prior experience in ballet. (recommended age and experience is at least 3+ years and ages 11 or higher or recommended teacher placement)

Ballet Technique Advanced

This is an accelerated ballet class for students with at least 5+ years or ballet experience. More difficult technique will be introduced and students will be encouraged to strive for grace and poise as there will be an emphasis on performance. (recommended age and experience is at least 5+ years and ages 13 or higher or recommended teacher placemen)

Tumble Fundamentals (Level 1/2)

Our tumblers will learn tumbling basics, flexibility, and beginner level skills such as rolls, handstands, backbends and cartwheels. Core technique and balance are incorporated to build strength and coordination. Students will improve gymnastics skills, balance and increase strength while having fun in this exciting tumbling class! This class is for the beginner tumbler ages 5+)  Level 1 / 2 covers forward rolls, bridges, assisted walk overs, handstands, cartwheels.  Level 2 students are working toward non assisted front and back walkovers and the beginning elements of aerials and back handsprings.

Intermediate Tumble  (Level 3)

This class is geared for students who have mastered the skills from Tumbling 1 & 2 and are recommended by the instructors to be moved up. The skills in this class are dive rolls, front walkovers, back walkovers, multiple cartwheels, etc. Strength, conditioning and flexibility will also be taught each class session. Participants must have all level 2 skills to progress to a level 3 tumbling class. Level 3 students have mastered front and back walkovers unassisted, and working toward handsprings, aerials, and increased balance and flexibility.

Advanced Tumble (Level 4/5)

This class is for students who have mastered the skills from Tumbling 2 & 3 and are recommended to move up. The skills in this class are working on non assisted front and back handsprings, front and side aerials, back tucks, balance and strength skills. Conditioning and flexibility are a part of this class.  Participants must have all level 3 skills and a teacher recommendation to progress to a level 4/5 tumbling class.

Stretch & Strength Class (10+)

This class is completely focused on lengthening and strengthening your body!  Open to the serious dancer who wants to improve core strength, leg strength, and upper body exercise to enhance your dance experience overall.  We will be doing a long cardio warm up, lots of conditioning exercises with a long stretch.  Students are welcome to bring hand weights to enhance their experience and challenge themselves physically! This is a fantastic class to complement team training and give dancers the extra edge and focus to grow as an athlete. Class is for dancers 10+ who are capable of light weight training and strengthening exercises.   


Tricking combines flexibility, kicks and twists from gymnastics, and adds stylized dance moves from breakdancing.   It aims to combine different "tricks" to make a visual combination to be performed on stage.  Examples of trick technique includes 540 kicks, corkscrews, flashbacks, butterfly twists, and the Double Leg.

Musical Theater Dance

Students will learn multiple styles of jazz and dance (Broadway, Street, Traditional) and contemporary movement, footwork, sharp arm movements, and more.  Students who plan to explore theater in their future will want to take this class to help them understand movement styles that compliment the audition process, and what it takes to bring an emotional journey to the audience through dance in a theater style. 

This class will help make a well-rounded dancer who will be prepared for theater style dancing.  This class will start with traditional jazz technique to include warm up, stretches, technique progressions and combinations as well as routines based on musical theater music.

Our Studio

Adrenaline is a learning, training and performing facility in Tysons Corner Virginia for all forms of dance -Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Breakdancing, and Pom.  Other forms of movement are also presented, including Cheer and Tumbling.

Adrenaline maintains a safe, professional, high-energy and creative environment in order to provide students of all ages the opportunity to grow daily as dancers and as individuals.

Our Goals

To provide students with experiences and opportunities which they can develop dance technique, self-esteem, confidence, a healthy competitive spirit and creativity.

To provide highly trained instructors who set a good example for students on and off the dance floor, and whom are always striving to learn the latest trends and techniques in their genre of dance.

To provide open communication between students, parents and staff so that everyone involved has a positive and enriching experience.

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