Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Studio Class Schedule

the Full studio Class Schedule will be out in August.

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 2019-2020 Studio Classes                  

How do I select the appropriate class for my dancer? 

Beginner Classes are designed for ages 5 and older.   Dancers and Tumblers must meet the requirements in order to register for a class. All classes are noted if they are RECITAL or DROP IN classes.  The RECITAL is in the spring and a non-refundable $60.00 per class Costume Fee will be collected upon registration.  

Drop-In Classes can be registered as a monthly tuition class and no costume is required.  

Tumble Classes: New Tumble Students, must enroll in a Tumble Beginner Class for assessment, and then be moved up.  Tumblers must be at least 5 years of age.

Our Classes

Our Studio classes are broken into 2-Categories:  Recital and Drop In.  Each Recital Class is age & skill based.  

*Tumble classes are skill based and your child must be at least 5 years old to participate.  

Recital Classes participate in a Spring Recital.  The cut off for enrollment in Recital Classes is February 1, 2020.                                       

Non-Recital classes, which are all the tumbling classes, technique, Bollywood, Zumba, Heels, Tricking, (all of the drop-in classes). 

Studio Class Monthly Tuition Rates:  (Per Class Enrolled per Week)
Classes Enrolled            Cost Per Month    

1 Class                                    $65

2 Classes                               $120

3 Classes                               $165

4 Classes                               $200                   

*Drop-In Only Classes are $20.00 for a single Class or $150.00 for a 10 Class Pack, Class Packs expire at the end of the season.

*Drop-In and Class Packs can only be used for Drop-In Classes. Purchase online or at the front desk.

Class Information

  1. Monthly Tuition is determined by amount of classes taken per week and is paid in advance at the beginning of the month via auto pay with credit card.

  2. Family Discount of 25% off Second Child, 30% off Third Child for studio classes only.    

  3. Registration Fee:  Seasonal Registration Fee of $25.00 or $50.00 family max. 

  4.  30-Day Cancellation policy on class enrollments. (See Cancellation Policy on Class Registration Contract)

  5. (All Notices are required to be made in writing) Please email info@adrenalinestudionova.com.



  • If your dancer will be missing a studio class and wishes to schedule a make-up class, please email attendance@adrenalinestudionova.com prior to the absence.  Please include your reason for absence and select up to three possible make- up class times and dates that would be suitable for your schedule.  We will check if to see if that class is capable to accommodate the make-up session and schedule it for you. 

  • You are eligible to make up one class a month of the same type of class.  Example: if you are missing Beginner Hip Hop, you may only make up Beginner Hip Hop. 

  • You will receive a confirmation email that will indicate your scheduled make-up class.  Please print or show this email to the Front Desk attendant prior to checking in at the class.  

  • ONE MAKE UP PER MONTH. Please email attendance@adrenalinestudionova.com prior to the absence.  



Ballet Beginner - Recital

This class is suitable for beginners and will cover the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. The importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm and musicality will be stressed. Basics of performing will be introduced and give students the discipline to mature as dancers. Ballet is cool and the foundation of all styles.  Why not start here?!(Advanced beginner is teacher recommendation only, this dancer is not new to ballet, still young but close to mastery of the beginner level.)

Ballet Intermediate - Recital

In this class students will continue to understand all skills taught in Beginning Ballet yet gain a more complete understanding of ballet technique. Emphasis will be placed on alignment, increasing strength, flexibility and executing moves properly. Students are expected to have prior experience in ballet. (recommended age and experience are at least 2+ years or higher or recommended teacher placement) Crank up your ballet to the next level. Ballet is cool.

Ballet Advanced - Recital

This is an accelerated ballet class for students with at least 3 years or more ballet experience. More difficult technique is introduced, and students will strive for grace and poise as there will be an emphasis on performance. Diva ballet dancers only…it’s the next level.

CHEER- (8+) - Recital

Students will learn the basics of cheer – motions, jumps, basic stunting, and cheer dance. This class is for cheerleaders who are interested in school cheer in the future.  Experienced college cheer professionals lead this class and provide a real experience to prepare students for their cheer future!  Go Fight Win…. Yay Team! 


Contemporary dance is illustrated by its use of traditional ballet technique, while incorporating various jazz styles and emotional musical connection, partner work and expressive movement.  The class will focus on perfecting the proper execution of Contemporary Lyrical while continuing to develop technique and style and enhance individual performance and expressive ability.  Why not take on the latest dance craze.

Contemporary Beginner - Recital

This class is for the newer or young dancer beginning their experience in a contemporary class setting.  Learn to be an expressive dancer!

Contemporary 2 Intermediate - Recital

This class focuses on the use of space, partnering, and more advanced elements of choreography, challenging dancers to expand their styles and overall technique. Get ready to feel confident on stage.

Intermediate Contemporary

This class is for the intermediate dancer who already has dance experience, is currently enrolled in multiple classes and is working to enhance their overall dance skills by adding this class to increase movement skills and technique.  Let your insecurities go and challenge your movement style in this class.


This class develops extreme flexibility and combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. This benefits dancers who want to work on dance tricks such as walk overs, aerials, chin stands, elbow stands, and flexibility elements. Come get super FLEXY in this class! 


Intro to Hip Hop (3-5yrs) - Recital

Does your little one love to move and groove to the latest beats?  Come take our Intro to Hip Hop to have your little dancer learn the basics of hip hop, how to move, how to listen, and how to count and do some basic choreography.  This class is for our young ones to begin their dance experience who love the hip hop style.  Little Hip Hoppers on stage, you can’t pass this up!

Boys Hip Hop 

This class is for our young boys who are interested in hip hop basics and choreography in an all male environment.  Although all of our hip hop classes are coed, some boys feel more comfortable in an all boy class setting. This class will challenge them with choreography, formations, and performance skills. Boys on stage together is the coolest!

Hip Hop Beginner - Recital

Students will learn the basics of hip hop technique, performance skill and confidence.  This class will cover hip hop movement at the entry level, developing musicality and style. Increasing memory skills with repetition and improving balance combining upper and lower body movement and will perform an exciting piece for recital.  Come shake and groove and have a blast, you’ll be one of the coolest kids in town with your new moves!

Hip Hop Intermediate - Recital & Drop In

This class will learn relevant hip hop technique and choreography, while continuing to develop hip hop movement quality and style on the intermediate level.   Dancers will be challenged to pick up new choreography weekly and perform it with confidence while working up a sweat and having fun. They will improve balance, increase memory and strength by staying grounded and strong through combining upper and lower body movement, and will take their skills to the next level. Taking your skills to the next level…. be ready to rock your school dance floor!

Hip Hop Advanced - Recital

Take your hip hop skills to a new level by learning advanced relevant choreography and improve your quality of movement at the highest level. This class is not for the faint of heart!

Hip Hop Industry - Advanced

Industry Hip Hop aims to give students insight into reality of the professional dance world and varying career choices. Offering this class to advanced dancers ages 12+, dancers can expect a structure of warm-up, stretch, strengthening, drills and current choreography relevant to today’s hottest tours, videos and conventions in the industry. 

Industry Heels - Advanced

Heels class gives experience of the professional dance world and its varying changing styles. Dancers are taught from current dance professionals that will catapult their skills to the next level as a more mature dancer and artist.  Dancers should be strong enough physically to dance in heels.  Dancers are expected to bring a comfortable pair of heels (lower for newer dancers) they can move in and are solid enough to prevent injury. Thicker heels are recommended for newer dancers.  Dancers should be mature and prepared for a challenging and exciting class. Time to feel confident and get ready to feel like you’re on tour with an artist!

Urban Hip Hop

This class is based on pre-professional level choreography in relevant industry styles (street and urban hip hop, contemporary influences, and b-boy influences as this class progresses) Students will expand their vocabulary and history of Hip Hop while improving their skills in quality of movement, control and street style fundamentals. Dancers can expect a structure of warm-up, stretch, strengthening, drills and current choreography relevant to today’s hottest tours, videos and conventions in the industry. This class will benefit with consistency so plan to make it a regular weekly experience! Dress fly and let’s get funky in class!

INTRO to DANCE (3-5yrs) -  Recital

Little ones who love music and love to dance but don’t know how?  Not sure WHAT class your little one will enjoy?  Come take this class that will offer a variety of jazz, hip hop, and ballet basics to get your little dancer moving and learning how to count to 8 in music, find the beat, use the floor, point their feet, learn the names of positions, basic steps and moves that translate to all styles of dance.  They will utilize fun upbeat and relevant music to incorporate all styles and perform a fun routine at the recital. 


Jazz Beginner - Recital

Beginner jazz dancers will move through warm up, stretching and technique basics.  Balance, foot position, body position, and mechanics of jazz will be the focus. Jazz vocabulary will be introduced.  Students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic movement combinations.  Get ready to get sassy and jazzy!

Jazz Combo - Recital

This class is a combination of beginner and young intermediate age dancers with little to no experience.  This is an opportunity to ease into a jazz technique class as a pre-teen to learn jazz basics, correct body alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility.  Jazz dance vocabulary is expanded through across the floor combinations and choreography.  (recommended age and experience are 1-2 years of experience, and ages 6+) Learn to be a sassy performer at any age, it’s never too late to get started.

Jazz Intermediate - Recital

Intermediate jazz is based on the dancer who has at least 2+ years of experience in jazz with a basic understanding of jazz technique. This class will work on correct body alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility.  Jazz dance vocabulary is expanded through across the floor combinations and choreography.  (recommended age and experience are at least 2+ years’ experience or recommended teacher placement) Take your SASSY up to the next level!

Jazz/Contemporary Combo - Recital

This class combines the elements of Jazz basics (balance, foot position, body position, and mechanics of jazz) with elements of Contemporary (flexibility, partnering, movement expansion and musical connection.) Jazz and Contemporary vocabulary will be introduced.  This class is unique because it combines the best of both styles with relevant music and movement.  Want to challenge yourself to be a current and beautiful triple threat dancer?  Take this class!


Tricking is for the level 2 or higher tumbler.  Students will expand their skills set with the beginning of advanced movements in martial arts style movements to include body control and rotation with momentum and leverage of one’s body.  Students will formulate vocabulary related to these skills and work on strength and exercises to complement these new skills. If you have ever seen Josh do a tricking pass, you will want to get in this class quick!


A high energy cardio dance class geared toward Intermediate through Adult dancers who want to shake, sweat, smile and sizzle with a fun new style of dance. This is perfect for the amazing parents who want to get up out of the lobby and WORK OUT while your child dances. Come ready to learn new fun dances you can share with friends, or just bring along a friend to enjoy the class with you!

ZUMBA -(Adult)

A dance infused cardio workout designed for the adult dancer who wants to shake and move to spirited sassy music and learn easy dance moves in combination that allows for easy to follow choreography with low impact cardio movement.  Get in shape, get into fun, and get sweaty! Bring a friend and ZUMBAAAA!

 TUMBLE - Tumblers will be ASSESSED in order to progress to the next level

Tumble Beginner (ages 5+) 

Tumblers learn basics of flexibility, core technique, strength and balance while learning level 1 skills such as rolls, bridge, bridge kickover, cartwheel, roundoff, walkovers as rolls, handstands, backbends and cartwheels.

Tumble Intermediate

Adrenaline tumblers who have mastered the skills in the beginner level.  Students will continue to learn flexibility, core technique, strength and balance while learning intermediate level skills such as connected multiple beginner level skills, handsprings, aerials, kip ups and headsprings.  

Tumble Advanced

Adrenaline tumblers who have mastered the skills in Intermediate and have tested their Intermediate skills may enroll in this class. Students will continue to learn flexibility, core technique, strength and balance while learning advanced level skills such as connected multiple intermediate level skills, tucks and rubber bands.

Build strength and be a super tumbler with our amazing levels and challenges!

Understanding Tumbling Progression


 Whether your child is a tumbling expert by now or they’ve never attempted a forward roll, Adrenaline Studio is here to help. Many parents aren’t sure how tumbling progression works when they first enroll their child in tumbling classes. How long should it take for their athlete to learn a back handspring? When will they be ready to move up to another level? We are here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tumbling progression.

How do you determine an athlete’s ability to move up a class?

First and foremost, we believe in keeping our athletes safe. Just because an athlete can throw a skill does not mean they have the proper technique and necessary knowledge to land safely. Our coaches determine where an athlete is in their progression, then they work closely with the athlete to address any concerns. Let’s say your child keeps bending her knees in her back walkover. We are going to work with her until we are confident in both the technique and stability of her tumbling before we advance her to a harder class. This will allow her to learn new things safely and with confidence.

How long does it take to learn a new skill?

This depends on the athlete. For some, they can master just about every tumbling skill there is by the age of 14. Other athletes will need a year or so to learn just one thing. No matter what pace your athlete learns at, we want you to know that they are being trained safely. Many skills require strength, flexibility, and body control. Our staff works to ensure that all three of these skills are being met before the athlete is ready to perform the tumbling on their own. We know how frustrating it can be to work on the same skill for weeks — or even months — on end, but we know that your athlete will succeed and be able to learn new skills in no time. Stay optimistic and encouraging; you’ll be amazed at what your child can do!

How do I know what class my child should be in?

We can help with that! Our classes are divided up by skill level to ensure each athlete receives instruction that is both accessible and understandable, no matter what class they are in. We will perform a basic tumbling assessment of your athlete to see what they have mastered and what they still need to learn. From there, we can recommend a good starting class. Don’t worry if your child has never tumbled before! Everyone starts somewhere. It would be our pleasure to introduce your child to the exciting world of tumbling.

Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more about our tumbling classes, we highly encourage you to stop into one of our facilities with your athlete. We’d be happy to give you a tour of the facility and allow you to take a peek into what tumbling classes at Adrenaline Studio are really like. Reach out now to learn more about our schedule or to choose a convenient time to stop by. We’ll see you soon!