2018-2019 (Season 5)

CDE Ocean City Christmas Classic 2018 
🥇x 14 
🥈x 4
🥉x 4
Top Five x 1 

Judges Choice Awards:  
Best Execution - Junior Small Hip Hop Aurora
Best Performance - Youth All Male Mayhem
Best Costume - Mini Jazz Pulse 

Tiny Grand Champion - Jolt
Youth Grand Champion - Mayhem 
Junior Grand Champion - Surge 
At Large Dance Worlds Bid - Senior Small Coed Hip Hop Thunder Crew 

What an A-MAZING way to start the season! Thank you to the Adrenaline Tribe of danders & coaches for all your hard work leading up to this weekend. It has only just begun .... 💚⚡️

2017-2018 Season News

Reach the Beach 2018 (February 10th)

We are so proud of our program! The sportsmanship shown and fun they have during a 13 hour day is truly amazing to watch!
Reach the Beach 2018 is in the books. We showed up with 22 teams and showed the judges what we were made of! We brought home 17-1st Places and 5-2nd Places!

Adrenaline placed 5 teams in the final show down: Shock, Surge, Storm, Fusion, and Onyx. Adrenaline won both of the all star showdowns (Worlds and Non-Worlds) in both categories taking the each winning a $1000 Check towards their teams Worlds/Summits expenses. (Open Co-ed HH-Fusion) and (Junior Co-ed HH-Surge)  

Groove Experience (Columbus OH) FEb 3-4th

What an incredible weekend! So proud of all our teams and all we accomplished this weekend!! From stand out performances, to unbelievable teamwork, to winning the judges over!!! #grooveexperience#adrenaline 

3 of the 6 Available Summits Bids! for the weekend!

UDA Battle at the Northeast

3 of the 4 Available Summits Bids! for the weekend!

Congratulations Junior Teams! Coed Hip Hop-Surge, Junior Jazz-Flash & All Girl Hip Hop-Aurora!!! #oneteamonefamily #thesummitherewecome

We had another stellar day on Sunday at the UDA Battle at the Northeast! Every team got first place & put on an amazing show! We also came home with some specialty awards - Best Costume- Surge, Junior Divisional Winner Surge and The Sportsmanship Award! Let’s keep rocking!!! #oneteamonefamily

Awesome weekend in Pittsburgh!! Lightning, Joules & Aurora all performed amazing!! Super proud of our Adenaline Family! #2ndplacejuniorhiphop #2ndplaceseniorjazz #oneteamonefamily

OC Christmas Classic 2017

If we could sum up the weekend in a few words, they would be .... PHENOMENAL, JAW DROPPING & GRATEFUL. We are beyond proud of our Adenaline Family and how you represented yourself and our program this weekend! What an amazing way to start the season! Every team placed either 1st or 2nd and we couldn’t be more excited! 

A few speciality awards we received - 
Open Coed Fusion Partial Paid Bid to Worlds 🌎
Open All Girl Onyx Partial Paid Bid to Worlds 🌏
Small Senior Hip Hop Joules At Large Bid to Worlds
Best Execution Junior Hip Hop Small Aurora
Best Performance Youth Hip Hop Small Voltage


Dance Worlds 2017, Orlando, FL April 29th-30th

Rush Crew took 4th place in international Open All Male Hip Hop Finals/3rd in the US, and will be bringing home a Worlds Trophy!!!! (For those who don't know- Worlds trophies are only given out to top 4 teams in any division, Adrenaline is bringing home their second World Trophy! 
We are SO proud of our Adrenaline Seniors and Open teams - an AMAZING representation of the Adrenaline Family!!!
2017 Worlds is in the books as a SUCCESS!
Rush Crew - Finals & 4th Place
Thunder Crew - 9th Place
Lightning- 17 of of 27 teams (tough division)
Joules - Semi Finals and finished 21st

Liberty JamPhiladelphia, PA April 4th

Adrenaline Mini All Male Chaos and Mini Hip Hop Power traveled to Jamfest Liberty Jam in Philadelphia Sunday.
Mini Hip Hop Power won first place and Most Entertaining. 
Mini All Male Chaos won first place and Innovative Choreography.
These kiddos worked hard this week to finish their competitive season with a BANG! They rocked Philadelphia! Way to go!!!!! SO proud!

Both teams earned Summit Bids to Dance Summits in Orlando, FL May 5-7.

Reach the Beach Ocean City, MD March 11th

What an great weekend!!! Thank you to everyone who worked hard, helped out, took photos, cheered each other on, and for everyone who stopped up and helped out! 

Ocean City was a fantastic competition and all our teams have a lot to be proud of as we get closer to the 'official' end of our season.   It was a LONG day, but what a great competition for our kids.  Our senior teams performed twice (which meant several of our dancers danced 6 times!!), and our Youth Pom team made it into the SHOWDOWN at the end of the evening as one of the TOP 5 scoring All Star teams of the day.  They ended up 4th over all - congrats!

We are also so proud of Sloane for winning first place in the youth hip hop solo division.



 3 - Second Places (FLASH, ENERGY, SURGE) 

 1 - Third Places (RUSH CREW)

 2 - Fourth Places (JOULES, SHOCK)

 STATIC - no injuries! :-) 

WAY TO GOOOOO!!!! Adrenaline Teams representing!

JamFest Dance Super Nationals-February 18th-19th
Two days of competition in Cincinnati, Ohio with 291 competing from the all over the USA and Japan. We are so proud all of our dancers! Sportsmanship was on display!

Our 16 teams competed starting from 7:00am to 8:30pm each day. Every team watched and cheered for every other team.
#AdrenalineFamily #OneTeam

One Team, Many results.....
National Champion-Youth Hip Solo- Sloane Skiba
National Champion-Mini All Boy-Chaos Crew
National Champion-Junior All Boy- Riot Squad (Summit Bid)
National Champion-Open All Male-Rush Crew
Mini Hip Hop-Power - 2nd Place
Mini Jazz-Pulse- 2nd Place
Mini Pom-Ignite - 4th Place
Youth Hip Hop Large- Shock- 5th Place (Summit Bid)
Youth Hip Hip Small-Voltage-3rd Place
Youth Jazz-Energy-6th Place
Youth Pom-Storm-4th Place
Junior Large Coed Hip Hop-Surge-3rd Place
Junior Contemporary-Flash-6th Place
Senior Small Hip Hop-Joules-8th Place
Senior Small Contemporary-Lightning-4th Place
Senior Small Coed Hip Hop-Thunder Crew-3rd Place

Parent Team-Static- No one Fell off Stage.....

Special Awards:
Live to Dance-Youth Pom-Storm
Jam Award-Youth Hip Hop Small-Voltage
Jam Award-Junior Contemporary-Flash

Live to Dance is a recognition of outstanding performance and showmanship.
The Jam Award is the judges recognition of an excellent all around routine.

Battle at the Capitol 2017- The Adrenaline Team represented!
WOW Award-Joules (Outstanding Team & Choreography)
Partial Paid Bid-Senior Coed Hip Hop-Thunder Crew
Summit Bid-Youth Pom-Storm
Summit Bid-Junior Coed Hip Hop-Surge
Grand Champion-Youth Pom- Storm
National Champion-Mini All Boy Hip Hop- Chaos
National Champion-Mini Pom-Ignite
National Champion-Mini Jazz-Pulse
National Champion-Youth Small Coed Hip Hop-Voltage
National Champion-Junior Hip Hop-Surge (US Finals Bid)
National Champion-Senior Coed Hip Hop-Thunder Crew
2nd Place-Tiny Hip Hop-Jolt
3rd Place-Mini Hip Hop-Power
3rd Place-Youth Jazz-Energy
5th Place-Youth Large Coed Hip Hop-Shock
2nd Place-Junior All Boy Hip Hop-Riot
2nd Place-Junior Contemporary- Flash
5th Place-Senior Contemporary-Lightning
4th Place-Senior All Girl-Joules
2nd Place-Open All Male-Rush Crew
No Injuries :) - Parent Team-Static

1 Paid Bid to US Finals, 2 Summit Bids and 1 Partial Paid Bid to Worlds! We now have 4 Summit Bids and 4 Worlds Bids! We are so proud of all our teams! #FeeltheRush #AdrenalineFamily

2017- Cheer and Dance Extreme Competition

Mini Pom and Small Youth Hip Hop rocked the stage at NDA Capital Classic and took home two Summit Bids!
(The NDA Capital results are at 1:20 in the video)

Adrenaline All Stars 3 All Male teams taking US FINALS by storm today in Virginia Beach! Two of our teams are competing today with a Gold Full Paid Bid and one First Place Bid! Good luck boys!!!! Congrats on making it this far. Let's Feel The Rush!!!

2017 News-OC Christmas Classic

First competition of the season in Ocean City

10 - 1st places
5 - 2nd places
1 - 3rd place and 1-5th! 
Best Choreography award
FOUR bids to Dance Worlds in Orlando!!!!! THIS SEASON KICKS BUTTT already and we have just begun!!!!!!!  

2017- Cheer and Dance Extreme Competition

Mini Pom and Small Youth Hip Hop rocked the stage at NDA Capital Classic and took home two Summit Bids!
(The NDA Capital results are at 1:20 in the video)

Adrenaline All Stars 3 All Male teams taking US FINALS by storm today in Virginia Beach! Two of our teams are competing today with a Gold Full Paid Bid and one First Place Bid! Good luck boys!!!! Congrats on making it this far. Let's Feel The Rush!!!


SOOO incredibly proud of our Youth Shock and Mini Power hip hop teams. Winning two Summit bids early in the season and working so hard to get here to Orlando. Adrenaline represented in their first time at this competition!! 11th place in Youth Hip Hop and a top 10 finish in Mini hip hop. I am blown away at the talent at this competition - truly the best of the best from across the country. We LOVE our Adrenaline family - these kids have shown us they are great athletes with incredible sportsmanship and a drive for success. We have the most amazing competitors at Adrenaline- I can't wait to see you grow!

What an amazing weekend at Dance Worlds 2016! So PROUD of all our athletes and coaches who have once again made history! Adrenaline All Stars are not only fantastic athletes but terrific team mates and friends to so many athletes from across the country. I am blown away at their commitment and hard work to push themselves to be their best. Thank you to the Adrenaline Family of parents and supporters who came down to Orlando to represent! We TRULY have the best All Star Family around!

The Adrenaline All-Star Program is about much more than dance. However, being able to gauge ourselves against the best teams IN THE WORLD is part how we validate the quality of our dance product.

The annual Dance Worlds competition held at Disney is the Super Bowl of All-Star Dance. You have to be INVITED to attend. It's an honor just to be invited. To advance to the finals is amazing and two teams advancing to finals is even more amazing this year!

Rush Crew (Open Male Hip Hop) finished 5th place bringing home another trophy from Worlds!

Lightning (Senior Jazz) advanced to finals and represented their talents! Our first time Jazz making finals has inspired our kids and shows we are building a top notch jazz program!

Thunder Crew (Senior Coed Hip Hop) took 6th place in one of the toughest divisions at Worlds!

Spark (Senior Pom) held their own in their first year at Worlds! Although they didn't make finals, they were among some of the top teams in those placement and the judges and crowds LOVED their routine!

Our kids are right up there with THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Their passion, hard work, talent and dedication humble me every day!

Feel the Rush!

So Amazed and humbled by our Adrenaline Studio All Stars! This weekend at Battle At The Capitol our All Stars once again rocked the competition.
5 -1st places
5- 2nd places
2- 3rd places
2- WOW Awards...
• Mini Dance Grand Champions
•Junior Dance Grand Champions
•Senior Jazz received an At Large bid to Worlds
•Rush Crew upped their bid to Partial
• AND Our Rush Crew later that evening won the Jeremi Sanders High Point Award taking THE HIGHEST points of the entire Dance AND Cheer teams at the competition that weekend! What an amazing accomplishment.

We NOT do this job without THESE AMAZING PEOPLE:
Jeigh Tea, Lauren Ramos, Mon Tatlonghari, Leah Gibson, Meghann Smith, Ranyell Lee, and Marci Spain.
THEY are the heart and soul of what we do, and make ADRENALINE the Best place to dance in Northern Virginia.

Thank you to all the parents of our dancers who work hard to keep their kids fed, hydrated, and ready to get on stage! CANNOT wait to do it all again next weekend!

I LOVE MY JOB and am thankful everyday that my PASSION is my OFFICE!!!!!

‪#‎Highscore‬ ‪#‎grandchamps‬ ‪#‎adrenalinelove‬ ‪#‎Battleatthecapitol‬

We had an amazing showing at NDA’s Capitol City Classic on January 9th!! Our dancers came ready to rock and brought the house down! Between them we had 8 firsts place wins, 3 second place wins, 1 third place win, 2 specialty awards, and 2 bids to Dance Summit 2016!!

Congratulations to Mini and Youth Hip Hop, who both received bids to Summit 2016 at Disney in Florida!

Mini Hip Hop - 1st Place
Mini Jazz - 1st Place
Mini Pom - 1st Place
Mini All Boy Crew - 3rd Place
Youth Hip Hop - 1st Place
Youth Jazz - 1st Place
Junior Hip Hop- 2nd Place
Junior All Male Crew - 1st Place
Senior Hip Hop - 1st Place
Senior Jazz - 2nd Place
Senior Pom - 2nd Place
Open All Male - 1st Place, Overall Grand Champions

Awards: Technical Excellence went to Rush Crew
Most Innovative Choreography went to Rush Crew

Congratulations and thanks to all of our dancers for their stunning performances and all their hard work!!

Ocean City Christmas Open Championship Saturday December 5, 2015 Results:
2-Worlds Bids
8-First places
3-Second places
2-Third places
Most Innovative Choreography to our Junior team
I'd say SUCCESS! Thank you so much for being a part of the Adrenaline family!
 Feel The Rush!!

Dance Worlds Highlights 2016, See the Adrenaline All Stars......

Adrenaline Hosts the World's BEST Choreographers!  Check out this video that Matt Steffanina filmed at our studio. Over one MILLION VIEWS! 

Laura Edwards Master Class August 14, 2015

Laura Edwards Master Class August 14, 2015

For more information about our All Star program - contact us:  AdrenalineStudioAllStars@gmail.com

The Adrenaline All Stars has Senior Teams performed at  Dance Worlds in Orlando Florida in April 26 & 27, 2015.  Senior Jazz, Senior Coed Hip Hop and Open All Male Hip Hop.

Senior Co-Ed Hip Hop placed in the Top 5!